This blog was started to help me improve my blogging skills and to participate with the Daily Prompts from WordPress.

I started a blog in March of 2013 for my photography business with a total of maybe 12 posts.  I actually hired a website designer who created everything for me including the start of a blog.  Everything was great until the website host changed their structure and coding compatibility…  which led to me reconstructing everything once again!  

To say the least, starting out 2014 has led me to discover some new designs for both my website and my blog.  I can easily look back to January 2, 2013, and say that I have grown 10 fold just for the fact that I was able to quit my job and become a full time professional photographer and I have a fully functional website that I can maintain myself.

Looking forward to January 2, 2015, I would like to be able to see another 10 fold in my progress starting with a new home office for my business which should be complete by the end of January!  Other areas of progress will be in goal setting… I would like to pick up more youth leagues in the area for team pictures and game coverage along with a couple more schools.  As for the blogging… I have created a new blog (this one right here) where I am going to attempt to participate everyday with the Daily Prompt from WordPress.  Hopefully this will inspire me to post more frequently with my business blog, Photography by Char.

I have actually read that some people feel that if a photographer is not posting in a blog then they must not be busy as a photographer.  I am busy as a photographer, sometimes to the point that I just don’t have time to sit down and write anything…  or as I have discovered over the past couple thought provoking days… I am just afraid that no one will want to read what I post!


5 thoughts on “Progress…”

      1. I believe that is a general problem.
        I get pissed by reading the posts on Facebook “why would you pay a photographer” etc!
        So I might be a bit odd… “Why pay a dentist, I have a screwdriver – I’ll do it for free” 😉

  1. well we will read your post, look at your pictures, or whatever you are going to put out there – I think everyone or at least most of us that are a part of this little experiment have some kind of insecurity about our progress of our blogs, no matter what subject we cover or how long we have been at it. You will be the second photographer on the Daily Prompt feed that I am following now – here is to a busy and productive 2014!

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