Congratulations… 2014 Seniors Part 6

Over the next couple weeks I will be posting several blog posts Congratulating area 2014 Seniors of whom I took their Senior Portraits.  Good Luck to all of you on your new adventurers in life!

2014 Senior from Lakeview High School, Michigan:  Kylie Whipple who really enjoyed her drama class during high school.  She was in several plays during her high school career.

FB14 P2 DSC_7958

FB14 P2 DSC_0904

FB14 P DSC_8001

FB14 P DSC_0595

2014 Senior from Harper Creek High School, Michigan:  Brennan Leson who enjoyed playing football and baseball during high school.

FB P DSC_0393

FB P1 DSC_0821

FB P DSC_0796

FB 1 DSC_1653

For more information regarding Senior Portraits you can check out my website Senior Information by clicking here.


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