Daily Prompt: Sometimes Quirky is a Part of a Good Photo Shoot!

Today’s post is about the word “quirky.”

Definition: different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion <the waitress styles her hair in a quirky way that always gets her remembered by customers> from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

My first thought of “quirky” of some of the funny little things I do or say on a photo shoot…

Such as attempting to pose in a abnormal way to show a client how I would like them to pose.  A good example would be this next photo of McKenzie…  her mom actually said that she had more fun watching me try and pose during the photo shoot!

FB P DSC_2752

Then there are times that I get sidetracked!  This next picture was taken during a photo shoot with my daughter.  We were playing around with a mirror found in a garden area at Southern Exposure, located in Southern Michigan.  I was attempting to take some pictures of her and her reflection from different angels when I discovered myself in the mirror!

FB P DSC_1196

Then there are always the silly faces…  or playing that some of my seniors might decide to do!


My ultimate goal on a photo shoot with a senior or family is to have fun!  I want to capture their true nature and character.  What they love doing and what life and family means to them.  Sometimes this leads to some “quirky” moments to get the job done but I am okay with that!

Daily Prompt: Photographers show us “Quirky”

Daily Prompt: Pictures Showing Fast Forward!

color and bw FB ReadyThis is a Senior Portrait of a 2014 Union City Senior.  He wanted one where it looked like he was coming out of the blocks…  I took the shot a step further by adding a zoom blur to make it look like he was in hyper speed!

Daily Prompt: Fast Forward


Daily Prompt: Photographers show Style: My daughter, Martha

FB P DSC_0702

FB 0750 and 0733 Side by Side


FB P DSC_1144


FB sitting on side of car


Is it okay as a mom and photographer to say that I really like my daughter’s style?

Martha can be very bold and outspoken and while also being quiet and polite.  She is a very natural young lady who is not afraid to be herself!

Not only is Martha my assistant on most of my Team & Athlete Portrait Sessions but she is also an awesome model!

Daily Prompt from WordPress.com

Daily Prompt: Roy G Biv: Photographers show Colors

FB P DSC_0929

Every summer since I was a child there has been a big hot air balloon competition in Battle Creek, Michigan.  My mom and I used to watch the balloons fly overhead and sometimes we were able to see them land and deflate.

FB P DSC_0699

I remember one year getting up extremely early to see the balloons fly at dawn.  My brothers and I were in a little red wagon with breakfast in tow.  Not only did we watch them fly over head but we were able to watch them set up and inflate the balloons.

FB P DSC_0852

The hot air balloon competitions coming to Michigan is one of my favorite memories of being a child!  Now I continue to watch the hot air balloons only to capture their elegance in flight, colors in the sky and the excitement of the take off, landing and inflating with flames.  These pictures were taken July of 2013 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv: Photographers show Colors: by WordPress.com

Daily Prompt: Photographers show Happy!

What better way to show HAPPY…

FB Final P DSC_5480

My niece not only makes me happy when I see her but she is usually always happy!  This photo was taken at a local park while we were doing her school pictures.  She just absolutely had to have a picture hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

Daily Prompt: Photographers show Happy!

Re-introduction to Photography by Char!

Almost 1 year ago I made my first post to this blog dated February 25, 2013.  I was extremely excited because I had hired someone to design me a Logo, Website and this Blog!

However, I did not follow thru with posting to this blog as I originally promised.  Shoot, I didn’t even keep my website design for a year! The Logo was the only thing that I truly kept.

So now that I have admitted this to you, my readers and customers, this is what I plan on doing in the future…

At least 1 blog post a week…  I PROMISE.  A blog post may be about a session, sporting event or team, something that I am offering, or how to do something website, ordering or photography wise.  You may even find more posts like my last one “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning“.  Or I might just share someone else’s work that I found inspiring.

My goal for this blog is to draw more followers and customers.  I would like to be able to entertain but also provide informative information and share my work with the world.  When you read this blog, I want you to want to come back and read more or to at least gain you as a customer.

Okay…          I will be honest…                   both would be extremely nice!

Something about myself that you may not know… I am shy.                 Yes, a shy photographer who loves covering sporting events!

One might ask, “How does that work?”         Well…        it is like this…         I really depend on word of mouth.  When I am feeling courageous I might introduce myself to a new coach or parent and hand out business cards.  Believe it or not…    Facebook has been a tremendous help in this area!

As a photographer I am all about what I am photographing.  By that I mean, “It is all about you, the client, the team, the athlete and the sport that I photographing.”

I am not about the perfect pose or studio settings…   but instead, I love capturing what you or a team wants me to capture in the natural setting of being “on location”.

I love discovering the dedication of an athlete to the sport they love or the character a senior brings to their own life or the love between two people when they join lives forever in marriage.

Oh, and one more thing about myself…

I am also a mom.  A mom who has lived with those not so nice sports portraits of my children.  A mom who has coached little league soccer teams.  A mom who is very proud of her children and her work…

A mom who has developed a photography business based on my experiences as a mom and the inspiration that has come along with that experience.

My name is Char and I hope to be “Your Sports & Portrait Photographer” in the future!

Daily Prompt: Show us You 1/17/2014