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Area Talent Shows Were a Delight to Photograph this Past Weekend

Friday night I was at the 2014 Athens Follies, “Remember the Feeling… Enjoy the Fun” and Saturday night I was at the 2014 Cabaret in Tekonsha, “Black Tie Affair, Under the Stars”.  Both productions were student based with assistance from teachers, parents and the community.

FB DSC_9158cabaret14FB DSC_8795follies

What was the most interesting between the 2  productions though was that the 2014 Athens Follies had mostly singing and choreographed dancing while the 2014 Tekonsha Cabaret was singing and skits or plays with acting.

FB DSC_0561cabaret14

FB DSC_1040cabaret14

Both events were held in their school’s gymnasium with public invited to watch.  Both events had a stage crew, ushers and programs but at Tekonsha the students really did run the show with lighting, music, curtains and communication. While the 2014 Athens Follies is open to all students K-12 the 2014 Tekonsha Cabaret was 7-12 grades.

FB DSC_0126follies14

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I was amazed with the talent at both shows especially with some of the solo artists.  There was range from playing the guitar to saxophone and even a violin!

FB DSC_1100cabaret14

FB DSC_9767follies14

Now as a photographer, I will have to admit that the Follies and the Cabaret can be my most challenging events to photograph.  It is completely pitch dark in the gymnasiums with spotlights and stage lights but not controlled by me.  Freezing motion in this type of setting is extremely hard.  However, I always manage to get some good pictures even though I probably drove those sitting next to up the wall with the number of clicks they heard and all of my movement!

FB DSC_0938cabaret14



Daily Prompt: Roy G Biv: Photographers show Colors

FB P DSC_0929

Every summer since I was a child there has been a big hot air balloon competition in Battle Creek, Michigan.  My mom and I used to watch the balloons fly overhead and sometimes we were able to see them land and deflate.

FB P DSC_0699

I remember one year getting up extremely early to see the balloons fly at dawn.  My brothers and I were in a little red wagon with breakfast in tow.  Not only did we watch them fly over head but we were able to watch them set up and inflate the balloons.

FB P DSC_0852

The hot air balloon competitions coming to Michigan is one of my favorite memories of being a child!  Now I continue to watch the hot air balloons only to capture their elegance in flight, colors in the sky and the excitement of the take off, landing and inflating with flames.  These pictures were taken July of 2013 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv: Photographers show Colors: by WordPress.com