Daily Prompt: Mirrored & I am slightly behind!

I have not posted since January 16th!  I am very sorry but then again maybe today’s post fits well, Mirrored!  Here is an oldie but goodie…   one of my first selfies ever taken and it was in the mirror!

FB DSC_0043 Edited Solarized

Right now this colorful depiction of myself in someways fits perfectly! I have been in the process of painting a small bedroom to convert it into an office.  I have become frustrated today because for the 3rd attempt the second batch of paint still did not match what I started with!  So I tried to do a quick over coat to blend and when I thought I had done a good job, I later walked in to find out that I hadn’t.

Plus my computer tower is getting hot while in the spot of my brand new desk.  There is not enough ventilation for my system so the it is setting on the floor next to my new desk!

So the colorful depiction of me in this picture fits perfectly.  I am behind in my blogging, my office walls are not done the way I wanted them, I still have some green and purple where I have to finish trim and the closet and half of my business stuff is in my office and half is still in the living room (where I used to work from)!

I have not lost my thought and image of my dream office this is only a part of the transition…             I know this is true!

Daily Prompt: Mirrored


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