Daily Prompt: Roy G Biv: Photographers show Colors

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Every summer since I was a child there has been a big hot air balloon competition in Battle Creek, Michigan.  My mom and I used to watch the balloons fly overhead and sometimes we were able to see them land and deflate.

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I remember one year getting up extremely early to see the balloons fly at dawn.  My brothers and I were in a little red wagon with breakfast in tow.  Not only did we watch them fly over head but we were able to watch them set up and inflate the balloons.

FB P DSC_0852

The hot air balloon competitions coming to Michigan is one of my favorite memories of being a child!  Now I continue to watch the hot air balloons only to capture their elegance in flight, colors in the sky and the excitement of the take off, landing and inflating with flames.  These pictures were taken July of 2013 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv: Photographers show Colors: by WordPress.com


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